Saturday, May 23, 2015

The New and Improved Medieval Wood Living Set

I first uploaded this set 3 years ago at Affinity Sims.  I recently decided I wanted to create additional sets using this theme but since some of the new meshes I wanted to make would have two recolorable subsets and the Master object from this set only had one, I needed to make some changes in order for my new meshes to work with the Master textures.  So I went to work and completely remeshed this set and added a second recolorable metal subset to each mesh.  I also added shadows to each mesh, something I had not done with the original set.  In addition, I made numerous improvements to each mesh.  Finally, I created 9 new wood recolors and 6 metal recolors that coordinate with my Medieval Kitchen Fireplace sets here and  here.

So, today I present to you my New and Improved Medieval Wood Living Room Set for your Medieval Sims (or for any of your Sims that like Medieval Style furniture).  If you have previously downloaded the set from Affinity Sims, I strongly suggest you download this improved set.  All objects retain the same GUID's and the file names are the same, so they will overwrite the original files. To be on the safe side, I suggest you remove all the meshes from the original Medieval Wood Living Set and replace them with the new meshes.   Any recolors you may have of the original set will still work for this improved set, so keep those.  All future addon sets will require this improved set to work.  I'm currently creating two sets...a New Medieval Wood Dining Room Set (also an improvement over my original dining room set from Affinity Sims) and a brand new Medieval Wood Bedroom Set.

The Improved Medieval Wood Living Set 


Mesh Statistics:


  • 1894 faces on 3 tiles (631 faces/tile)
  • Appears in Seating/Sofas for 100 simoleons.
  • 2 recolorable subsets...wood and metal
  • Includes 12 recolors of the wood and 6 recolors of the metal
  • This is the MASTER for all objects in this set and all future addon sets.


  • 1894 faces on 2 tiles (947 faces/tile)
  • Appears in Seating/Sofas for 80 simoleons.


  • 1894 faces
  • Appears in Seating/Livingroom for 60 Simoleons.

Coffee Table

  • 852 faces on 2 tiles (426 faces/tile)
  • Appears in Surfaces/Coffee Tables for 40 simoleons
  • Has two slots.

End Table

  • 856 faces
  • Appears in Surfaces/End Tables for 20 simoleons
  • Has one slot.

3-Drawer Chest

  • 1077 faces
  • Appears in Surfaces/Miscellaneous for 80 simoleons
  • Has three slots and is counter height.

Wall Shelf

  • 276 faces
  • Appears in Surfaces/Shelves for 10 simoleons
  • Has two slots
  • Wall height adjustable with the AL Expansion.

A few in-game shots of the set

All objects are base game compatible.  For recolors, all objects are slaved to the Master object (Sofa).  A collection file with custom icon is included.  Tested completely in a vanilla game with all Expansions plus M&G.  Files are compressed.

Ray :)


  1. Ray, This is such a great, versatile set and I love that you have made it with two subsets! All your work is terrific and I'm looking forward to having even more pieces to go with these!

  2. Thank you Kate. I'm glad you like this set. I value your opinion very much. Along with my Medieval Kitchen Fireplace Sets, the two addon sets I'm working on will expand the set so you can furnish an entire Medieval house.

    Ray :)

  3. I love this set! Thanks for continuing to make medieval items! :)

    PS: I am having a lot of fun with the two kitchen sets!

  4. This is splendid!